Your Regional Future

Visions and Values

How do you see your community in the future?

A fundamental part of completing a regional plan is to craft a vision that represents the hopes and dreams of community members. The planning process will enable communities to identify their assets, unique attributes and visions for the future and transform that knowledge into actions that will build the future that is envisioned by communities.

A vision and set of goals can set the direction for the region's future. We begin with what communities across our region have outlined in their Master Plans.

What better place to start than with what communities have already said themselves. The Regional Advisory Committee will review the vision and land use chapters of each of the 27 municipalities within the region to find common themes and values. Look to the right and you'll see a column with all 27 municipalities listed. You should be able to click on your community and see the most recent version of your Master Plan or at least the vision and land use sections. If we do not have the most up to date version Please Notify Us so that we can get it updated. Review of Master Plans within the region was completed in mid winter of 2012/2013.

What is valued in the region?

A large goal of the regional plan will be to succinctly articulate what people value about the places they live and work - determine core beliefs that are shared by those living, working and visiting this region - understand what people identify and connect with that forms the culture of the places we call home- and learn what is important to maintain a healthy, happy and prosperous future.

How will this be accomplished?

Number-1-icon.png  The process will begin by reaching out to people in the region and asking them what is important to them about their communities. To learn more about events that have happened and will take place in the future that you can participate in click here.

Number-2-icon.png  A great way to see your voice in the Regional Plan if you don't have time to go to a meeting or you can't get to an event is the Forum on the Future. Here you'll be able to map out what is important to you, and comment on what others have said was important to them.

Number-3-icon.png  Look for one of the Listening Posts that are scattered around the region. You can submit your comments on a post card into one of these boxes. If you would like a list of where these are located, call the Commission office.

Number-4-icon.png  Participate in a NH Listens session. For more information visit the NH Listens.

Number-5-icon.png  Information gathered from these and other sources will be summarized and discussed at a number of focus group meetings. If you would like to participate in one the focus groups please contact the Commission office.

Number-6-icon.png  A regional values document will be produced that will be reviewed by local municipal leaders and others interested in giving feedback prior to its publication.