Regional Advisory Committee

Regional Advisory Committee Role

The Regional Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the Regional Planning Committee of the Commission. The Regional Advisory Committee was created in order to provide guidence to the staff of the Commission on the Regional Plan project that will take place between Spring of 2012 and Spring of 2015. 

The Regional Advisory Committee will participate in and promote outreach for the initiative within the region. The will assist staff with review of data and public input and advise the staff on the overall concept and goals of the initiative. The Committee will review and amend templates from statewide Advisory Committees to meet any unique regional context and review local information and track Regional Plan progress. The Regional Advisory Committee may from time to time form subcommittees of local and regional experts and volunteers to work on specific tasks and projects if and when needed throughout the process. After the Regional Plan is completed the Regional Planning Commission will present it to the full Commission for their adoption.

Over the coming months, Commission staff will keep the Regional Advisory Committee apprised of the many aspects of the Regional Plan.  Additionally, Regional Advisory Committee members will be encouraged to participate in an outreach training session that will be held throughout the region.