Outreach Committee


The Outreach Committee will be providing guidance and oversight to activities throughout the regional plan process. They will identify underserved and marginalized populations in our region and assure appropriate, effective outreach to obtain engagement and input related to the plan. Additionally, they will assure that the plan addresses the most important issues for the identified populations.

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission will look to the Committee for an assessment of the membership to assure that the Committee is representative of the Region.

Committee Member Commitment

The intent is for the Committee to meet quarterly, ultimately, the Committee members will determine how often to meet and if any of the work can be done without a meeting. The members are anticipated to have many common goals, but there may be goals which are specific to the populations the members represent and know best. 

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Attend scheduled meetings. 
  •   Identify underserved and marginalized populations in the region.
    • Determine what form of outreach (e.g. neighborhood workshops) is most effective to gain their participation so that their opinions are included.
    • Review various outreach locations to ensure that all citizens have fair access to participate in the regional plan.
  • Represent populations in the review of the planning process and written
  • Assist the Commission by reviewing documents and publications to 
    identify barriers they may present to communicating with underserved
    populations within the region.