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UVLSRPC Regional Plan

The UVLSRPC Regional Plan was adopted on June 17, 2015. The Regional Plan is the product of the largest public outreach process ever undertaken by the UVLSRPC. The chapters of UVLSRPC Regional Plan can be downloaded via the links below.

Complete Regional Plan 

Chapter 1- Telling the Story (Introduction and Regional Vision)

Chapter 2- Housing Needs and Fair Housing Equity Assessment

Chapter 3- Transportation

Chapter 4- Economic Development

Chapter 5- Natural Resources

Chapter 6- Historic and Cultural Resources

Chapter 7- Utilities, Infrastructure and Public Services

Chapter 8- Energy Efficient Construction and Green Building

Chapter 9- Hazards and Adaptation

Chapter 10- Implementation


Benefits this project has brought to our region:

Preferred Sustainability Status

If your community is applying for funds through HUD, DOT or EPA and your project is consistent with regional goals, you could be eligible for additional points on applications submitted for funding from these sources. Contacts in New Hampshire who have been authorized by HUD to provide additional points on various applications are:

City of Claremont, NH
14 North Street
Claremont, NH 03743-0468
Point of contact: Nancy Merrill
Phone: 603-542-7008

Detailed map of community coverage
FY10 Challenge Grantee

Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission
10 Water Street
Lebanon, NH 03766-1644
Point of contact: Jonathan Edwards
Phone: 603-448-1680

Detailed map of community coverage
FY10 Challenge Grantee

Nashua Regional Planning Commission
9 Executive Park Drive, Suite 201
Merrimack, NH 03054-4045
Point of contact: Tim Roache
Phone: 603-424-2240

FY11 Regional Grantee

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
32 Constitution Drive
Bedford, NH 03110-6000
Point of contact: Benjamin Frost
Phone: 603-472-8623