Community Conversations
facilitated by NH Listens

On February 26, 2013 NH Listens convened a Community Conversation at the Common Man Inn and Restaurant in Claremont, NH. claremontlisteningsession.JPG

Nearly 70 people attended the event. Feedback and results of the conversations will be posted shortly (please check back)

NH Listens role in the Regional Plan:

The nine Regional Planning Commissions in New Hampshire have coordinated efforts in order to efficiently use limited resources to garner the most public input toward the regional plan as possible. The regional Community Conversation conducted by NH Listens is one of those efforts. NH Listens is conducting these Community Conversations throughout New Hampshire. If you are interested in seeing more information about other conversations click here. NH Listens will compile the feedback of citizens from all the conversations and provide that information to all of the regional planing commission to be incorporated in the regional plan.

Other Statewide Initiatives

Listening Posts: Small opinion boxes have been set up throughout the region to take public input.

Granite State Future Website: share your ideas with others on this post and blog site.

Data Coordination: The nine regional planning commission will be gathering some data elements that will be consistently collected for each region. It is hoped that future trends can be seen through monitoring these data sets over time. As of February 2013 these data points have not been finalized. Please check our website in the future for these.