Housing Needs Assessment

The Housing Needs Assessment adapts existing census population and residency information, regional employment statistics, and a broad range of housing data to model the availability and affordability of housing to all ages and incomes. The analysis provides a sub-regional review of the percentage of homes and rental units priced at or below affordable “workforce” thresholds and the geographic distribution of these analysis results. The study also outlines various techniques through which communities can contribute to affordable housing development or preservation and assess their compliance with housing statutes recently passed in New Hampshire.

This section of the Regional Plan was completed by the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission in 2011. There are three products that were produced

A technical document with  all the statistical analysis and data that was compiled.

A 26 page Summary Report that provides an overview of the 124 page technical document.

A fold-out brochure, "Who Needs Housing?" that summarizes the highlights for quick review.

All these publications can be found on the Commission's main website. This material will be incorporated into the Regional Plan.

Following the completion of the Housing Needs Assessment, the Commission worked with the Upper Valley Housing Coalition to create a comic publication that explains affordable workforce housing. The publication is available on the Commission's main website.

Fair Housing and Equity Assessment

Anyone in the region seeking a home should have the same likelihood of obtaining a residence without any discriminatory behavior toward them. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to the housing options in areas which have public transportation, good schools, and accessibility to jobs.